Partnership is in our DNA.

Only through collaboration we can increase our impact.
We are proud to present our launching brand partners, starting harvest year 2021/22

Umber & Ochre
Hugo Boss
RAddis Cotton X LAESSIG lmt edition LP
Laessig Fashion
Bedstraw And Madder

These brands have started the journey of real transformation
from degenerative conventional mono-crop cotton to a regenerative organic eco-system approach.

Raddis Cotton System
  • Co-creation and Collaboration
  • Taking care of each other
  • Taking care of our planet
  • Developing relationships
  • Nurturing healthy eco-systems
  • Growing symbiotic crops
  • Creating fruitful soils
  • Empowering farmer families
  • With rainfed cotton as our tool

With brand collaborations built on same values we actively grow multiple positive impacts, with cotton as out tool

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