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It all starts with a seed

#RCXPD T-shirt
Style number RCU0001
Colour: pure nature

About me

This shirt is crafted from Regenerative Post-Production-Recycled Raddis® Cotton, which we proudly refer to as Raddis® REST-of-the-BEST Cotton. It is part of a food & fiber landscape focusing on farmer livelihood upliftment while regenerating the environment around us.

The Origin of My Cotton

The cotton used in this garment is cultivated in regenerative food and fiber landscapes in the Eastern Ghats of India by smallholder tribal farmers within the Raddis® System. You can pinpoint the location with the GPS coordinates discreetly printed on the logo of your shirt's left chest – just pop them into Google Maps!

The Raddis Team works closely with these smallholder farmers, providing them with agricultural training and distributing non-GMO seeds for various crops. During the harvest, the team directly purchases raw cotton from individual farmers, with payment made through an almost cash free payment with more than 85% bank transfers. This is really a unique procedure and it is an integral part of a very transparent Raddis®Cotton value chain.

Manufacturing Process

After the raw cotton is ginned and spun into Raddis® CCH yarn (CCH = combed compacted hosiery yarn), a valuable residue known as comber noils remains. Cotton comber noil is among the highest-quality cotton waste and is produced during the last combing process after carding. Thanks to its unique features, it can be repurposed. Thanks to its unique features, including being trash-free and clean, it can be repurposed. In our case, it is used for a 25/1 open-end yarn (OE). This allows us to incorporate a high percentage of recycled material (70%) combined with 30% virgin Raddis® lint, creating a uniform fiber ready for the next spinning cycle.

The final fabric is a natural warm color, untouched by bleaching or dyeing. It has undergone a simple washing and compacting process to minimize shrinkage. You might notice some tiny black specks – those are remnants of the cotton seeds. Over time, these specks will fade away with each wear and wash.

Our long term production partners, all situated around Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India, share our values and standards. The Raddis Team guides the cotton journey from the very first seed to the final cut and sew, all executed by our partner factory with utmost precision.

My Sustainable Story & Multiple Value Creation

We believe it's vital that you, as the wearer of this shirt, understand its complete story. This shirt's fabric is made from cotton grown in regenerative food and fiber landscapes by tribal smallholder farmers in India. Through direct connections from brands, retailers, and PERFORMANCE DAYS, these farmers can transition from conventional farming methods to a regenerative, organic multi-crop approach, eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides. By cultivating various crops, reducing tillage, and using homemade natural fertilizers, and natural pesticides, farmers enhance soil health and biodiversity while increasing CO2 uptake in the soil.

Thank you for your curiosity and for reading this information.

Together, by creating a demand for sustainable choices, we can inspire brands and retailers to invest in natural resources from the very beginning and forge long-term partnerships with these remarkable Raddis®cotton farmers.

Care Instructions

To care for this shirt, please wash it gently with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid tumble drying.

Your Stewardship Over Me

This unisex shirt is made from traceable regenerative recycled cotton with logo and care label printed with GOTS approved silkscreen ink, is suitable for reuse, repurposing, and recycling after use.

Sustainable clothing however is not just the responsibility of the producer or brand but also the user! You are now the steward-owner of this shirt, signifying that you are temporarily responsible for its well-being. We need responsible users who value their wardrobes and create beautiful memories with their clothing. We urge you to share these experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #RCXPD and encourage your peers to act consciously as well.

Rethink – Reuse – Return

We hope you actively participate in this circular re-use loop with a Farm-to-Fan Product Passport. and return the T-shirt at the subsequent fair, along with your name and email address.

We'll explore the possibility of giving the shirts a fresh look with natural dyes and redistributing them as a Double Best Shirt and a following event.

This initiative is a vital component of Raddis' research project, aimed at fostering sustainable behaviors within regenerative cotton ecosystems.

Thank you for joining us in this Circular Re-use Loop with "REST-OF-THE-BEST" @RaddisCotton shirts. You're not just a wearer; you're a change-maker. Embrace the journey, and explore new routes together!

Co-create to Regenerate

This REST-of-the-BEST #RCXPD Shirt is part of the collaboration between Raddis®Cotton and PERFORMANCE DAYS, which started in March 2023 with a donation and the commitment to support one farmer family to enable them to transform their farmland from conventional to regenerative agriculture approach. Raddis distributed the non-GMO multicrop seeds and the cotton will be harvested in the month November through January 2024.


To put the benefits of regenerative agriculture on a pedestal during the fair in October 2023 we co-created  different initiatives. One of them is the distribution of this shirt to participants of the fair who are commitment to join this circular re-use loop and show their responsible behaviour at Instagram with hashtag #RCXPD.


Digital Product Passport

This page is created to show QR-code possibilities on your products, including information that is needed for the Digital Product Passports (DPP) for your garments and supply chain transparency on social and environmental compliance.  If you are interested in collaboration and create  your cotton value chain from "Farm-to-Fan's" in a responsible and transparent way , then please get in contact! Together we make it matter!!